Notary’s office

Our notary’s office—led by the experienced notaries Dr. Michael Börgers, Dr. Wolfgang Jakob and Christoph Stroyer—provides a full range of notarial services. Since our notaries carry out their duties as notaries in addition to their lawyer profession, they also have an extensive knowledge on the subsequent execution of contracts. They can put this knowledge to good use when drafting contracts in their role as notaries. Key aspects of the work are:

  • Drafting of contracts: Real estate purchase and sale contracts, gifts, usufruct, mortgages, land charges
  • Contracts related to family law: Marriage contracts, divorce and partnership contracts, adoptions
  • Heritage contracts and provisions: Wills and contracts of inheritance, disposition of estates; patient's living wills
  • Corporate contracts: Foundation and reorganisation of corporations, registration in professional Registers
  • Conference resolutions

Our notaries also certify signatures and the showing of hands and issue certified copies. Every official act is of course preceded by comprehensive consultation.