Consilium Iuris

In 1998, we founded the Consilium Iuris EWIV (, together with other law firms which share our attitudes and principles. The EWIV is an international association of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors with members from 11 European countries. We have established a Europe-wide network which enables us to speedily solve legal and economic problems in a European context - thanks to our qualified, reputable and reliable partners. For more information please contact Dr. Ulrich Böttger.

Architects Chamber Brandenburg

In cooperation with the Architects Chamber Brandenburg (, we hold advanced training seminars for architects and engineers on a regular basis. The topics of our seminars include architectural contracts and various issues concerning remuneration and liability. In addition, Dr. Michael Börgers is chairman of the Architects Chamber's Honorary Committee. You can find out more on this topic and in particular on our seminars by visiting the Architects Chamber's homepage.


We are member of the Federal association of medium-sized enterprises (Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW)). Dr. Ulrich Böttger also holds the office of senator of the Berlin-Brandenburg economic senate. The BVMW is the most important association of medium-sized businesses and represents the interests of more than three million small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. We are an active member of this association; both at state level as well as federal level, and thus contribute to the political decision-making process. We also obtain first-hand information which can be useful for our clients.