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BÖRGERS lawyers, specialised law firm and notary for building law, real estate law, architects law, procurement law, commercial tenancy law, dispute consulting - Berlin, Hamburg, StuttgartBÖRGERS lawyers, specialised law firm and notary for building law, real estate law, architects law, procurement law, commercial tenancy law, dispute consulting - Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart


Comprehensive service in all the legal fields offered by our company. Our scope of services includes in particular

Drafting of Contracts

We draft individual contracts and tailor-made model contracts. We check if your own draft contracts are up-to-date in terms of jurisdiction (GTC check) and if individual terms or conditions can be optimised. We examine the draft contracts of your contract partners and point out disadvantages or risks the contract might hold for you. We can also conduct and supervise your contract negotiations if you wish.

General advisory services

Our general day-to-day advisory services focus on solving acute legal questions and problems quickly and “without much paperwork”, often on the telephone or by e-mail. This form of advice is provided either on the basis of a mandate framework agreement where the service is invoiced according to time, or on the basis of long-term consultancy contracts with a monthly flat-rate fee. In addition to answering questions which are also typically subject to project-related advisory services, we also provide advice in fields such as labour law, corporate and insolvency law and industrial property rights/competition law.

Legal advice in preparation of projects and throughout projects

We advise and represent our clients in all questions related to the preparation and execution of building projects, e. g. in

  • conclusion of real estate purchase contracts,
  • clarification of preliminary questions related to public law,
  • clarification of preliminary questions related to neighbourhood rights,
  • clarification of preliminary questions related to public procurement law,
  • financing of building projects,
  • public contract awarding procedures (VOB/A, VOL/A, VOF; PPP procedures),
  • the conclusion of all types of contracts,
  • claims management and deficiencies in the execution of building projects,
  • final inspections,
  • mediation of conflicts,
  • enforcement or defence against payment, damages or warranty claims,
  • (imminent) insolvency of a stakeholder in the project,
  • sale, administration and management of real estate

Conducting of cases/Procurement review proceedings

Extrajudicial negotiations or arbitrage proceedings do not always lead to results. On the contrary, in some cases it is clear right from the start that court action is inevitable. In line with our policy to act on a national level, we plead our clients’ cases in all court proceedings (independent proceedings for the taking of evidence, main proceedings, actions for an injunction etc.) before all District, Regional and Higher Regional courts and accompany appeal proceedings before the German Federal Court of Justice.

We also enforce claims against defaulting debtors in foreclosure proceedings (collection of debts).

In conflicts related to awarding of contracts, we represent clients before all awarding chambers and senates of the Higher Regional Courts as well as—in the case of national tenders—before all District Courts in Germany.


Extrajudicial arbitration and mediation proceedings are a means of solving conflicts amicably and are an alternative to court decisions issued by frequently overworked national courts. The advantage of arbitration and mediation proceedings is that they are much faster and that the arbitrators chosen by the parties are normally experts in the subject at dispute. Therefore, the quality of the decision is often much higher than in court. All our partners are experienced in acting as arbitrators and accompanying clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings. In addition, Dr. Michael Börgers and Dr. Ulrich Böttger are trained arbitrators and mediators of the ARGE Bau- und Immobilienrecht (work group on building and real estate law) in the Society of German Lawyers (DAV). After completing a postgraduate course in mediation at the open university Hagen, Christoph Stroyer is also at your disposal as business mediator.

Internal training

We offer advanced training courses in all our legal fields, in your company and for your management, for an agreed flat-rate fee. We follow your requirements and wishes regarding the choice of topics and the main focus of the training courses, as well with their duration. Our many years of experience in lecturing guarantee a didactically and methodically suitable approach resulting in sustainable learning success. Your persons of contact: Dr. Michael Börgers, Martin Steiner, Dr. Ulrich Böttger.